Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleans, it’s the Law!

It is now law in the UK to have commercial kitchen canopy cleaned and certificated at least once a year. This ensures your equipment works effectively and that your kitchen complies with food safety regulations. Failing to clean your extraction systems regularly can lead to grease deposits accumulating.

This in turn attracts fibrous build-ups which can become baked on, making their removal difficult and time consuming. Not only that, dirty extractions are a fire risk and a breeding ground for bacteria, posing a risk to health.

What are the benefits to regular canopy cleaning?

  • Keeps appliances in good working order
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Required by some insurance policies
  • Maintains adequate air flow and ventilation in the kitchen
  • Freedom from excess grease and cooking smells.
Keep your kitchen compliant with food safety regulations and receive a hygiene certification.  Andrew White Commercial Kitchens offer a fully certified extraction and ductwork cleaning service.

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